According to this week, Apple’s rumored iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are to be announced on Sept. 12 with the iPhone 5’s release on Sept. 21. These two upcoming events have led management of Nova Mining Corp to make further preparations to take economic advantage of an even tighter lithium supply crunch and expect lithium prices to climb even higher in the near term.

“Bloomberg Business, “in an article titled “iPad Boom Strains Lithium Supplies after Prices Triple,” said tremendous sales of Apple’s most recent iPad version had a major role in starting the current lithium supply crunch. Seeing the economic opportunity for the company, Nova President James Dilger headed to Asia and returned with three lithium supply deals with three separate major Chinese lithium ion battery manufacturers. Dilger chose the timing to coincide with the current critical lithium shortage in order to leverage the best possible positions for Nova Mining.

Betting on Apple’s upcoming product releases, especially the iPhone 5, Dilger decided to detour to Mongolia while in Asia to pursue securing even more lithium mines and mining product. Dilger’s focus is to continually act to place the company in the most strategic situations possible during the current lithium seller’s market.

He says Nova Mining Corp. seeks out the most potentially lucrative mining projects, supplies and sales of strategic high-demand minerals, such as lithium, as part of its aggressive economic business model. Lithium is the main ingredient in long life batteries, like those used in Apple’s popular iPhones and iPads, Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet and Tesla Motor’s new performance electric cars. More information on Nova Mining Corp can be seen at: