Twelve South ( has introduced the BookBook, a
leather MacBook case that looks just like a vintage book. Designed
exclusively for MacBooks, the BookBook features a hardback cover and
a padded leather spine.

Since it looks like a vintage book, BookBook also disguises your Mac,
reducing the risk of theft, according to designer Andrew Green. The
case for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models is
available now for US$79.99.
Along with handsome looks, this distressed leather case provides
excellent protection, according to Green. Inside, the Apple laptop is
stored within a soft, padded interior. Outside, your MacBook is
protected between two rigid book covers. The vintage-looking spine
provides structural integrity and crush protection.

The BookBook is available in two overall styles; a classic-looking
brown with a black spine (Black) and a brown with a red spine. Each
BookBook is individually hand-distressed, ensuring that no two
BookBooks are exactly alike, says Green. Dual leather zipper pulls,
which at first glance appear to be bookmarks, give you the
flexibility to provide access to the MagSafe power port while your
MacBook remains safely inside the BookBook.