Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Drawnn has announced Showboat 1.0 for the iPad. It’s an US$1.99 scrapbook app that’s lets you organize your photos into albums and collections.

Jonathan Mulcahy has released Owls 1.0 for the iPad. It’s $0.99 matching game for children of all ages. Children will learn about owls and watch the seasons change all while improving their matching skills.

Tekton Technologies has introduced Orderly for iOS. The $0.99 app allows users to manage to-dos using simple iPhone gestures. Notes are displayed on one of three shelves using Apple’s bookshelf metaphor: High Priority, Medium, and Low.

Nitrogen Studios has unveiled Kodee’s Canoe — Echo 1.0 for iOS. It’s a $5.99 interactive storybook based in the beautiful Canadian wilderness, starring a young Spirit Bear named Kodee. Kodee’s Canoe focuses on telling a kid friendly mystery story while taking a “soft science” approach in providing educational content wrapped up in a story and presented with animation.

Ventora Studios has launched Project Boom 1.0 for the iPhone. In the free puzzle game you touch the bomb and throw it around the screen to blow up stars. The less bombs you use, the more points you get.

YFactory has debuted Leo’s Book 1.0 for iPad. It’s a $3.99 interactive book for kids. Each page of the story is read aloud and consists of video of a master sand artist, as she creates an original illustration.

Fan Studio has premiered Bubble Grubble HD 1.0 for iOS. In the $0.99 action-puzzle game players help Mother Bird catch bugs by shooting them with bubbles and using real game play physics to tilt their device to float bubbles up to the hungry chicks.

Games2be has unleashed Tiny Owls 1.0, for iOS. The $0.99 takes players on an adventure in a fantasy world, in which they must escort baby owls through narrow passages. Players must be cautious and careful as owl wings are fragile and will break should they encounter a collision with the elements or the monsters throughout the environment.

BGB Island has created Face Compare 1.0 for iPhone users. The free app allows users to compare their face with that of their friends, family or even famous celebrities. Face Compare allows users to measure key facial features, then compare themselves to other faces.

Dynamic Pixels has kicked off Goal Defense 1.0, a comic-book like gaming title developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In the free game Herculean heroes pit their wits against a macho mob of burly meatheads by employing strategic tactics, intelligent plays and confusion campaigns to outsmart well-built, dimwitted opponents.

Recosoft Corp. has developed PDF2Office 1.0 for the iPad. It’s a PDF conversion utility. Versions of PDF2Office are available in Lite, iWork and Business editions for $0.99, $9.99 and $9.99, respectively. However, you can get them for free, $6.99 and $6.99 through Aug. 31.

TheHermonApps has given us Guess That Flag for iOS for theiPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s a $0.99, Olympic themed flag game. Guess That Flag features over 140 flags from countries around the world. It comes with four game modes: easy, medium, hard and expert mode. In addition to the exciting flag quizzes, players can browse through the flags, learning what flag belongs to which nation.

Internet Design Zone has announced Nursery Rhymes For Kids 1.0 for iOS. Designed for kids, ages 2-6, the free app offers nursery rhymes with songs, music, funny animations, interactive actions and more.

Flying Kritters is new, $0.99 physics-based flying/sliding game where players touch the screen when their Kritter is going downhill in order to pick up speed, then release to go up the hill and ultimately fly. The object of the game is to get as many coins and get as high a score as possible.

Kadn Mobile has released NoteLedge 1.0, the iPhone version of its note-taking app. The $0.99 app combines handwriting, typing, image editing, audio, and video recording in one single package.