Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Apple’s reasons for purchasing AuthenTec for $356 million remain unknown, but the company’s products may lead to secure fingerprint sensing technology for a future iPhone that could be tied in to a mobile e-wallet service, industry watchers believe.” — “AppleInsider” (

“If you ever wondered what Apple was working on over the many years of tablet rumors leading up to the iPad launch in 2010, the high-stakes court case between Apple and Samsung has already yielded more most imagined likely. In addition to an iPhone prototype inspired by Sony design aesthetics already revealed, new photos uncovered by The Verge have surfaced of iPad prototypes that have not previously been seen by the public.” — “MacNN” (

“Things are always complicated when the lawyers get involved but this saga of Apple, Proview and the rights to the iPad name in China seems to have one more twist left in it. For the lawyers are suing to have the trademark delivered to them rather than to Apple that has just paid for it.” — “Forbes” (

“Apple is either actively considering purchasing a major stake in Twitter or discussed making an investment with the social company more than a year ago and the talks have since ceased, depending on which newspaper one wishes to believe.” — “MacRumors” (