Macrobatix, a Johns Creek, Ga.-based Apple Specialist and Apple Authorized Service Provider, has partnered with SightTech to provide specialized enterprise solutions, services, products and applications to veterans with visual impairments. SightTech provides technology training and application development solutions to individuals with vision loss.

As the need for specialized products to assist visually disabled individuals continues to grow, Macrobatix and SightTech ( say they have embraced a business model to develop a complete, all-encompassing solution.

“This partnership will ensure visually impaired veterans struggling to carry out everyday activities are provided with excellent Apple products and services that will make seeing easier,” says Bob Wallis, CEO of Macrobatix. “Sight disabled users are frequently looking for products to assist with functionality and this partnership brings all necessary specialists together to effectively aid veterans and other users. I am more than honored to be working with SightTech to provide the latest technology to these veterans.”

SightTech delivers a suite of Apple-related products such as large print keyboards, high color contrast cases and printers with tactile functionality to users with visual impairments that are available for purchase on the company website. In addition, SightTech offers training for all clients and users as well as the facilitators who serve them.

“Our partnership with Macrobatix allowed SightTech the ability to deliver specialized, multifunctional assistive equipment to support the needs of the VA medical system and beyond,” says Michael Brooks, COO of SightTech. “Macrobatix has the Apple certifications, purchasing systems, customer service and experience that SightTech was looking for to meet the specific accessibility needs of our veteran users.”