Jaksta Technologies has released Jakta Music Miner , a new Mac application specifically designed to create MP3 songs from video or audio web sites. The software is intended to help people enjoy offline music listening and build affinity for new songs and bands.
Jaksta Music Miner creates MP3 files automatically, just by playing a song or video. Once it’s open, it starts creating an MP3 from any unencrypted audio or video file it hears — purportedly at speeds up to 10 times faster than real time.   Additionally, Jaksta Music Miner tags most captured songs with artist and title information. Customers can add saved songs to a iTunes library with one click, edit song information, and play back downloaded MP3s.
Jaksta Music Miner is available now from http://www.jaksta.com/ , with a free trial option. Customers may purchase it by itself for US$19.95, or as a part of the $69.95 Jaksta Deluxe for Mac Bundle, which also includes Jaksta for Mac, Jaksta Video Converter and Jaksta Music Converter.