Samsung ( has announced the latest addition to its range of Wi-Fi enabled Smart Cameras: the MV900F. Following the success of Samsung’s MV800, it also features Samsung’s180 degree flip-out display.

The MV900F features a F2.5 bright lens and 16.3M pixels BSI CMOS sensor as well as a wider 25mm lens for fully framed images. The camera comes with a “virtual make-up bag”: Samsung’s new Beauty Palette feature, which allows users to choose from 10 different make-up options to smooth, brighten and add color to their personal profile shots from the camera itself.

Additionally, to aid the capture of full-body self-portraits or group shots Samsung’s Gesture Shot utilizes motion-sensing technology so that users can control the camera remotely through gestures alone, according to Craig McLennan, vice president, Consumer Electronics at Samsung Canada. To control the camera’s zoom functions users s make a circular motion with their hand. When the shot is ready to be taken users move their hand up and down and the image is captured.

Not only does the MV900F deliver in low-light settings, it’s also designed for ease of use in the brightest sunlight, according to McLenna. Its upgraded display boasts a 3.3-inch WVGA AMOLED touch display for seeing clearer images even in bright light.

The MV900F features the latest in Wi-Fi functionality, allowing instant connectivity with social networks and devices. At a touch of the Smart Link button, you can instantly share and securely store pictures without the need for cables.

The MV900F boasts 1920×1080 Full HD video recording at 30fps. It will be available in late August for about US$350.