Not surprisingly, Samsung is appealing a judge’s ruling ( that stops sales of the company’s Galaxy Tab in the U.S. On Tuesday U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, backed Apple’s request to stop sales of the tablet in the U.S.

Samsung filed its appeal about five hours after Koh’s order, notes “FOSS Patents” ( However, the judge’s decision “decision strengthens Apple’s ‘copycat’allegations against Samsung.”

“The ruling notes that Judge Koh’s court previously found the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be substantially similar ‘in the eyes of the ordinary observer’ to the D’889” and that “the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is ‘virtually indistinguishable’ from Apple’s iPad and iPad 2,” Florian Mueller writes for “FOSS Patents. “In fact, Samsung’s counsel couldn’t distinguish those products when Judge Koh showed them in the courtroom at a limited distance.”