PLX Devices ( has presented the US$99 XWave Sport, a “brain computer interface” headband that’s also designed for everyday wear.

The XWave Sport purportedly measures and detects your brainwaves through a soft conductive fabric placed over your left eyebrow and translates that information into useful mental states. Your relaxation, focus and other parameters can be measured and sent to your mobile device and/or computer. iOS and Android apps are available for games, brain training, and mental health training.

The XWave Sport’s headband is designed to be comfortable, washable and sweat absorbing for even the most extreme activities, according to PFL CEO Paul Lowchareonkul. The controller module includes a built-in lithium battery capable of operating the XWave Sport for six hours on a single charge.

It includes an AC adapter to charge the XWave Sport in as little as 30 minutes. It also includes an integrated Bluetooth module to pair with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, Android, and PC apps.