Another day, another lawsuit. Or 75 to be exact. Apple has been sued 75 times ass former employees of reseller eBizcuss filed individual suits against the iPhone-maker in Paris, reports “The Channel” (

eBizcuss was the biggest reseller of Apple products in France until the end of May, when the firm went into administration. In December the eBizcuss CEO Francois Prudent claimed that the financial woes of the reseller were a direct result of Apple’s business practices.

In 2011, he filed a lawsuit against Apple. Prudent said his 16 locations in France suffered a 30% decline in business during the third quarter of 2011 after the supply of iPad 2 and MacBook Air laptops from Apple dried up.

In the fourth quarter, eBizcuss couldn’t obtain a supply of the iPhone 4s, he added. Prudent said his company’s product shortages started in November 2009 when the Apple opened its first retail store in France.

However, the suit was invalidated when eBizcuss went under. Now the reseller’s former employees are taking matters into their own hands, notes “The Channel.”

In the suits filed at the Prud’hommes tribunal, 75 former employees of eBizcuss have claimed that Apple was effectively their “co-employer” because it had such control over the business. The former employees want either new employment or extra severance pay, says “The Channel.”