Maxum has released a new version of Rumpus (, Mac OS X software for running your own FTP and Web file transfer server, is here. Version 7.2 adds drop ship improvements, Open Directory support, new web server admin tools, instant access bookmarks, improved forms and more.

Drag ‘n drop uploads are designed to make drop shipping files faster and easier. Plus, Maxum has added drop ship password protection, simplified file request file uploads, and more.

Open Directory support has been completely rewritten to be faster, more reliable, and support directory service groups. With Rumpus 7.2, you can create and manage Event Notices, Upload Center forms, Web and FTP settings, user accounts, blocked clients and more from any Web browser, anywhere you happen to be.

Instant Access Bookmarks allow users to generate an URL (similar to a drop ship URL) that can be bookmarked or clicked to give immediate access to your Rumpus server. Rumpus 7.2’s Upload Center forms offer new customization options. The default “Modern” Web interface can be customized with a second company logo, image and video files can be wrapped in customized interface pages, and more.

Version 7.2 is a free upgrade for those who bought a license for Rumpus 6.2 or later. For those who originally purchased version 6.1 in November, 2009 or before a “reasonable upgrade” price is offered.

For new users, Rumpus Standard costs US$269 and supports up to 32 user accounts (but doesn’t include Open Directory user authentication), and allows for up to 32 simultaneous active user sessions. Rumpus Professional ($449) supports thousands of user accounts (there is no set limit to the number of accounts that can be created), and up to 256 simultaneous active user sessions.