Subject: [ANN] HTML Creator 2.1
From: Aram Kudurshian (

JUNE 23, 2000 – HTML Creator 2.1, an advanced but easy to use HTML editor
has been released by Aram Kudurshian ( – HTML Creator 2.1, a free update to the widely
popular and used HTML editor is aimed at the novice, intermediate, or
professional webmaster with it simple to use assistants and powerful
editing tools.

— General Description —

HTML Creator 2.1 is a HTML editor with many built in assistants and extras.
By using the assistants, clean cut HTML is generated saving you time and
hassle of writing it yourself. For the professional webmaster, tools like
shortcuts and a powerful find & replace system help you on the way to
create beautiful web sites.

— New in version 2.1 —

* An HTML toolbar is available which give you quicker and easier access to
the more than 40 assistants available.

* A powerful Find & Replace system has been added to help you make those
minor changes you have always needed to do!

* Shortcuts, a simple way to avoid typing over and over again has been
added. Save up to four shortcuts and insert them whenever needed.

* More assistants and extras added such as Insert Anchor, Insert Server
Side Include, and more…

* Bug fixes and code improvements!

— System Requirements —

* Mac OS 8.5 or higher (PowerPC)

* 2-4 MB of RAM

* 2 MB of Hard Disk Space

* 640 x 480 monitor

— More information & Download Links —

More Information:
(1 Mb – Sit file)

— Credits & Acknowledgments —

HTML Creator 2 was created with REALbasic by REALsoftware

— Contact Information —

Aram Kudurshian
AIM: aramk622