ABiSee Zoom-Ex and Eye-Pal, two of ABiSee’s (http://www.abisee.com) instant readers, are the first products on the market that instantly scan and OCR printed text on Apple computers, says Lena Reznik, owner, of ABiSee.

ABiSee products are designed for those who are visually impaired or cannot read small print for other reasons. All devices read aloud printed material such as mail, books, magazines and food packaging. Eye-Pal, Zoom-Ex and Zoom-Twix can be used with PCs.

Eye-Pal is an US$1,995, portable USB device that instantly scans and converts text into refreshable Braille, speech or text files, in a single keystroke. Zoom-Ex is a $2,395, portable USB device that combines three tools into one. It’s an instant book-to-speech tool, a 20 ppm scanner, and a magnifier, in a foldable package that weighs one pound.