Eastman Kodak is suing Apple (again) in a bid to “quash a dispute over patents,” reports “Bloomberg.” It’s part of an ongoing legal battle.

Kodak plans to sell its patents as part of a bankruptcy reorganization in New York and Apple is a potential purchaser, Kodak said in court papers Monday. Apple claims it owns 10 of the patents in Kodak’s portfolio.

“Apple’s strategy has been to use its substantial cash position to delay as long as possible the payment of royalties to Kodak and to interfere” with the planned sale, Kodak said.

Kodak is seeking a court order declaring Apple has no interest in the 10 patents and that the photo company has permission to sell them, as well as an injunction barring Apple from asserting ownership, notes “Bloomberg.” Read more at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-06-19/kodak-sues-apple-in-bid-to-quash-claims-over-patents.html .

Apple sued Kodak in April 2010, about three months after Kodak accused Apple and Research In Motion of infringing a patent related to ways of previewing images. Apple’s countersuit said Kodak devices copy the technology that it uses in Macs, iPhone, iTunes and Photo Booth involving image processing, energy management and memory design.