CS Odessa (http://www.ConceptDraw.com) has announced its new Business Process Diagram Solution for ConceptDraw PRO in the Business productivity Area of the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

This new product extension expands ConceptDraw PRO’s RapidDraw feature, allowing users to create business process diagrams faster. It’s now available for download at no charge to current owners of ConceptDraw PRO v9.

The Process Diagram Solution utilizes Object Management Group’s Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to graphically describe the steps of business processes. BPMN is the first standardized visual modeling technique that addresses the level of complexity. Its process-oriented approach contrasts with the object-oriented UML (Universal Modeling Language) approach. With the addition of Process Diagram, ConceptDraw PRO users now have the ability to use either approach to describe processes, as fits the situation and requirements they face.