Bracketron ( has announced the US$1,499 Keycard model of the iRoom iDock, a powered, motorized in-wall iPad mounting solution for commercial and residential use.

The new Keycard model brings transponder technology to the iRoom iDock, providing additional security when mounting the iPad in busy commercial and office environments.  Available in landscape model, the iRoom iDock Keycard can be flush-mounted in the wall to integrate the iPad into any room.

The iRoom iDock Keycard is ideal for commercial environments, where additional security is required when docking the iPad, according to Christian Johnson, vice president of Marketing at Bracketron. This model can only be opened by triggering a programmed transponder chip.

The iDock comes with a master keycard transponder and four additional transponders or keycards, and can save up to 50 transponder numbers. To open the dock and allow for removal of the iPad, the user simply places a programmed keycard near the bottom right corner of the dock. The dock will close again automatically after 10 seconds or by simply waving a hand in front of the built-in proximity sensor.