Subject: The ZipBurst CGI Pro and Lite 2.2.1
From: David M. Dantowitz (

We’re now releasing The ZipBurst CGI Lite and Pro versions 2.2.1 this week.

Not sure what to do with this software, check out
for some demos.

The Lite version lets you search and unlimited number of databases on the
web using WebSTAR, WebTen, MacOS built-in Web Sharing, or any other web
server app that supports the standard API for CGIs.

The Pro version lets you search by DISTANCE as well as any other field

[Anyone want to do location based searches for European countries? The UK,
France, Germany, or others, just ask! We’re integrating location-based data
from these countries as well as the US and Canada.]

Remember that 2.2 and later include the ZB-Indirect tag, which enables you
to tie in the tags and processing power of MGI, WebCatalog, WebSiphon,
NetCloak, FileMaker, Lasso or any other app.

Fixed in the 2.2.1 release are a slow, but steady memory leak, a few bugs
with the ZB-Indirect tag, and a few small enancements to the Pro’s location


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