Quark has released a new, free resource for self-publishers from graphic design expert and self-publisher Jay Nelson.

Titled “Jay Nelson’s Guide to Self-Publishing,” the guide outlines everything self-publishers need to know about getting digital projects, like ePubs and iPad apps, started and finished — without programming. The guide is free in ePub format or as a PDF and can be accessed at http://www.quark.com/selfpublish .

With the guide to publishing eBooks and iPad apps, authors and designers working on digital magazines, books, journals, newsletters, and other publications will learn how to:

° Prepare projects properly with the right tools for success;

° Create eBooks and get them to the Apple iBookstore;

° Publish eMagazines and create iPad apps for the App Store;

° Reach a break-even point on costs faster.

The guide walks readers through the most popular formats currently in use for digital publications, how to convert or create those publications, and gives a breakdown of their costs. It also describes several ways to distribute and market digital publications.