Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“ZooGue recently received word from a source close to Apple, who wishes to remain anonymous, that Apple is in fact working on a smaller tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire and other 7″ tablets. Leaked pictures showing part of the upcoming ‘iPad Nano’ suggest Apple is rapidly approaching the big reveal. The ‘iPad Nano’, if it is to be called that, will provide Apple leverage in the 7″ tablet market that is currently dominated by both Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.” — ZooGue (

“Apple’s rumored new Maps app that could be set to displace Google’s default Maps app on iOS 6 is not expected to materially affect Google, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster. According to Munster, even if Apple replaces Google Maps as the default mapping application on iOS devices, Google will simply add it to the App Store for users to download separately. According to Munster’s calculations, iOS users already contribute about 2 percent of Google’s total revenue and the looming maps battle won’t change this.” — “MacNN” (

“Apple’s anticipated Mac Pro update will feature Intel Xeon E5 series processors with either six or eight cores, as well as native support for USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt.” — “AppleInsider” (

“The iPhone 5 design is confirmed by an in-depth video leak.” — “Electricpig” (

“Apple Inc. plans to add Baidu Inc.’s search engine on iPhones in China, part of a push to broaden its services and user base in the world’s most-populous nation, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.” — “Bloomberg” (