The era of “no Macs need apply” in the enterprise is coming to an end in the Windows-dominated work world according to the Gartner research group (, as reported by “NetworkWorld’ (

The enterprise is still a Windows PC-dominated world, but Windows is not only being challenged by newer tablet technologies,” a subtle shift is also happening that sees users demanding Mac computers, and IT managers no longer can turn that request down so easily, and probably shouldn’t anyway,” says analyst Michael Silver.

“[The desktop] is still 90-something percent Windows,” he adds, adding that “thin clients will have 4% or so by the end of the year.”

At most, there might be a 5% installed base of Macs, Silver says. The Gartner survey found 60% of enterprise still “limit” Macs, but more and more are “embracing” them. And 64% said they will likely allow more Macs into the enterprise over the next few years.