Excel Software has announced SafeWebApp (http://www.safewebapp.com/), a new approach for software and Internet developers to protect, deliver and monetize web content.  

SafeWebApp is a free, Web App controlled browser. It supports device specific licensing, user feedback, vendor notifications and public discoverable indexes.

According to the folks at Excel Software, SafeWebApp offers a way to turn virtually any web content into a sellable product that can be securely licensed and delivered to specific devices for paying customers. The web content can include HTML, flash, videos, PDFs and essentially anything else that is accessible within a web browser.

When a customer buys a web App, they receive the app name, serial number and link for the royalty-free SafeWebApp viewer.  SafeWebApp is currently available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux computers with future support planned for tablets and phones.

No software purchase is required to create, publish, protect or sell web apps. The publisher will need an account on Safe Activation Service 3 from Excel Software, which starts at US$45/month. Excel Software also offers the SafeWebApp Encryptor tool for $295; it adds additional protection on some kinds of web resources like video, PDF and SWF files and can enable the ability to run web apps offline without Internet access.