Clarion Corp. has announced Next GATE, a smartphone controller for the iPhone.  It controls applications residing on the smartphone, allowing for functionality in any vehicle. 

App partners include: TuneIn, Pandora, Vlingo, INRIX Traffic, and InfoGation with more to come. Likewise the company says it’sy working with multiple app partners to expand the functionality of Next GATE. 

The functions of the applications are running on, and leveraging the power of, the smartphone and its wireless connectivity. Clarion’s Smart Access Cloud Telematics Service will enable users to download additional approved apps under development now and in the future.Bluetooth functionality allows for hands-free calling and enables iPhone features such as voice dialing and voice activation.  

Clarion’s Next GATE will be available beginning June 1 at Crutchfield and on The suggested retail price is US$269.99. To learn more go to .