FizzPow Games has introduced Mummy’s Treasure 1.0 for Mac OS X Lion. It’s a physics puzzler set inside the Pharaoh’s Tomb.

Here’s how the game is described: “Players must solve increasingly difficult gravity puzzles involving stacked cubes on platforms. The goal is to keep all gold and treasure pieces on the screen, while eliminating all mummy and skeleton pieces. All blocks are subject to Newton’s laws, falling and colliding. Platforms, stones, and mummies are removed with a click, challenging players to predict the results.

“The first few of the 40 free puzzles are fairly straightforward, but the remaining puzzles require either trial and error to discover the steps leading to the solution, or deep analysis of the consequences of removing any block. Ingenious and absorbing, difficult looking puzzles sometimes have simple solutions, and each puzzle is rated from par 2 to par 6, depending on the minimum number of steps to achieve the solution. Scoring is based on a combination of time required and number of steps used.

“Inevitably, players will encounter a puzzle that, apparently, cannot be solved at all. The game includes three free video solutions, which are usable for any puzzle, and which prove that every puzzle does, indeed, have a solution. 20 Master Puzzles are available as an in-app purchase, as are all 60 solutions. The premise of Mummy’s Treasure is so simple, gravity + blocks + platforms, that the extremely challenging puzzles are difficult to resist. One puzzle leads to another, and soon hours have passed. This is one game that should include a warning label: Do Not Start Playing Too Close to Bedtime.”

Mummy’s Treasure 1.0 is free and available worldwide through the FizzPow Games website ( or the Mac App Store in the Games category. The game offers two in-app purchases: unlocking the 20 Master level puzzles, and Unlimited Hints that supplies video solutions to all 60 puzzles. A Universal version for iOS devices is US$0.99 on the iTunes App Store. Review copies are available on request.