Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps.

AKVIS ( has announced the update of five programs: Retoucher, Coloriage, HDRFactory, NatureArt and MakeUp. All of these products are available in two variants: as plug-ins and as standalone applications, on Windows and Macintosh. Bugs have been fixed, and the plug-in versions are now compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6. Registered users can upgrade to the newest versions for free.

Stairways Software ( has released Keyboard Maestro version 5.3 adding a plethora of image manipulation actions, enhancing the Mouse Click action (including allowing drag and clicking relative to a found image on the screen), adding a screen capture action and screen contains image condition, a new highlight screen location action and more.

Tension Software has updated DB-Text ( — a the tool  to import, edit and manage text based archives — to version 1.1.1. It’s a maintenance update with some bug fixes.

Phix Software ( has rolled out iPhix 1.1, an update of the app designed to make the vintage photography and photo adjusting app for Mac OS X more social. This update adds the ability to share not only your pictures, but also a “recipe” of your filters and adjustments, a description of your picture and EXIF and location data.

Strider Software has given us TypeStyler 11.3 (, an update of the type styling tool for the Mac. The new version features numerous bug fixes and enhancements.