Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Cinopt Studios has announced Space Junk Runner 1.0, their first gaming title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The U$09.99 app takes place above a planet’s atmosphere with randomly generated platforms that appear as the spaceship continues its journey. The goal of Space Junk Runner is to jump from platform to platform as far as possible. Players can break and compare high scores with friends by attempting to travel as far as possible.

J&H Web Technologies has released Unlistr 1.0, a privacy concscious app for iPhone and iPad. The free tool was developed specifically to address the overwhelming amount of subscription spam email users receive daily from social networking websites, merchants and online retailers.

Fresh Touch Media has introduced Bass Drop 1.0 for iOS. The app — free until June 1 — combines a wobble bass synthesizer with a drum and sound FX sampler. These are both fully customizable. Bass Drop is designed as a dubstep production aid for newbies, budding and professional producers wanting to quickly jam ideas or create electronic sounds.

Pants on the Ground has launched GameFit Racing for iOS. It’s a free, 3D racing game.

Bas du Pre has debuted Props — quick stats 1.0 for iOS. The free app displays the basic statistics for all of your online identities, such as websites, apps, profiles and more.

Zonkey Interactive has premiered Fun Science Lab for iOS. The $1.99 app, designed for ages five and up, is meant to give children a fun way to learn some basic principles of science through a set of nine experiments and mini-games.

New to the Apple App Store is The Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports. The $0.99 app covers 72 different sports, demystifies the rules and offers background information. The rules of the different disciplines are explained on sets of cards, which can be swiped through. A tap on each card will turn it over to reveal the complete rules of the sport with tongue-in-cheek illustrations.

Ever wonder what you would look like pregnant? Then check out PreggoBooth, ta $0.99 pregnancy simulator. The app transforms you into an expecting mommy, or daddy, in just a few swipes.

The Messy Cake Cupcakes recipe app is a $0.99 iOS application with six cupcake recipes, including ideas for decorating each one differently.

Speech Remedy, a provider of adult-focused speech-language-cognitive rehabilitation materials, has given us a mobile iOS version of their Confrontational Naming photo card deck. The $39.99 interactive app is designed for building receptive and expressive language and word finding skills.