XLR8 Releases InterView 2.0 with OS X Support.
=2E.the First Macintosh USB Analog Video Capture product for OS X=8A

Atlanta, Georgia, April 16th, 2002: XLR8, a leading manufacturer of
Macintosh upgrades and expansion products, today announced the shipping of
InterView 2.0 with OS X support. Finally, users of OS X can capture analog
video through their USB port directly from any standard video source
without rebooting into OS 9. InterView, the leader in video capture over
USB, is now the first solution for users of OS X. Interview offers the
ability to capture video and output quality small files that can be
imported into iMovietm or captured by Final Cut Protm and BTV Protm as well
as future versions of many leading Mac applications. And it’s available now
at the special introductory price of only $89.95 USD.

“InterView has always been a tremendous value. With Strata Video Shoptm
4.5, an included upgrade to Quicktime Protm, EchoFX’s OS X drivers and
InterView Capturetm – it’s unbeatable”, stated Jack Kolk, President of
XLR8, Inc. ” Additionally, it actually works in OS 9.2 and includes
QuickTime Pro, unlike many of the other video capture products. It’s not
only the best buy, but the most functional choice for Mac OS 9 users. Once
again, XLR8 delivers a great Macintosh product at an affordable price.”

“Other products don’t work with Mac OS X or Mac OS 9.2. Anyone hooked on
Mac OS X probably doesn’t enjoy restarting in Mac OS 9 just to capture a
video clip. With Interview for Mac OS X, a few clicks gets you a video
clip, instead of a reboot and a hassle,” stated David Reynolds, Product
Manager for XLR8.

XLR8 will announce the firmware upgrade program for the original InterView
units in the near future. Interested users should visit the website at
www.xlr8.com/trade for further information.

InterView has won numerous awards worldwide including Mac Home Journals
Home Choice – Best Product for 1999. Visit our website at
http://xlr8.com/ProductInfo/interview/index.php3 for a full listing of
awards and additional information.

About XLR8

XLR8, Inc. is a premier developer of quality Macintosh products. XLR8
products are available direct on-line at
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XLR8 brand products now lead the Mac industry with innovation, superior
engineering, compatibility and performance. XLR8 Product offerings include
Macintosh processor upgrades families – the MACh Velocity G4 Mpe, MACh
Speed G3 & G4 ZIF, MACh Carrier G3 & G4, Carrier ZIF and CarrierZIF MPe in
addition to it’s Digital Capture products – InterView and InterView PCI and
it’s Peripherals – USB Performance Package, Point&Scroll Mouse, DualPort
USB, and many soon to be announced products for the Mac enthusiast. XLR8
products are available worldwide. XLR8 maintains a full information
resource center on the Internet at www.xlr8.com. XLR8’s CPU products are
backed by the XLR8’s exclusive Performance Trade-Up Program. All products
are backed a full two-year limited warranty and a 30-day money back
guarantee through authorized dealers.

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