Apple is number two on Forbes’ list of “America’s 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies” (, surpassed only by LinkedIn.

Here’s what Forbes has to say about Apple: “We know that it dominates the market for mobile computing. We know it faces challenges from the loss of Steve Jobs. We know that it’s building a giant bagel-shaped campus in Cupertino. The known unknowns are when it will introduce the next iPhone or iPad or a TV. How much of a threat is Windows 8 to the tablet business? Can Tim Cook really fill Steve’s shoes?

“And then we get to the juicy part. The unknown unknowns. We can’t tell you what those are; that’s why they’re unknown unknowns. (Duh.) But the unknown unknowns are what really drive the stock. Did anyone see the iPad coming? Did you really think the App Store would change the face of the software industry? The crucial question for investors is how much weight you give to things you can’t begin to imagine.”