Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Whether you call it the ‘iPhone 5,’ the ‘iPhone 6,’ or the ‘iPhone 4G’ — well, maybe not the last one thanks to international regulators — the new iPhone is coming this fall, and we have some details to share. They match and expand upon details we received back in March, suggesting that Apple is abandoning the long-rumored ‘teardrop-shaped iPhone 5’ in favor of another glass-bodied design.” — “iLounge” (

“An administrative assistant with UPS, the world’s largest import-export brokerage firm as well as the familiar package-delivery service, says customs activity connected with Apple may indicate ‘something big’ coming soon. Independent of that report, Apple stores are said to be doing some “all-hands” training sessions as well, lending some credence to the otherwise-thin report, which appeared on a speculative next-gen iPhone enthusiast blog.” –“MacNN” (

“Apple is developing iPay as the next iPhone becomes your iWallet.” — “iDownloadBlog” (

“The season for iPhone 5 rumor continues, with Liquidmetal inventor, Dr. Atakan Peker telling Business Insider that Apple is likely ‘years away’ from being able to deploy the tech in a major way.” — “Computerworld” (