The Mac, in partnership with Take Control eBooks, Screen Casts Online, Euro Mac Podcast and Interesting Thing of the Day, today announced its first ever Geek2Mac live show. “Geek2Mac is the free show where we take a Mac, and some Mac geeks, and Skype — and using some mad, magical techie stuff otherwise known as HighSpeedConferencing, we fuse it all together at The Mac Nurse to produce a package of fun and exciting entertaining goodness,” notes the announcement. Presented by Mark Howson and Don McAllister, the first episode of Geek2Mac includes a live presentation on Maintaining your Mac with Joe Kissell, an open Q&A session, an interview with head editor at TakeControl eBooks Tonya Engst, some great comedy music, and prizes to win throughout the night. To listen in, call +99008275743445 from Skype (for free) or one of the multiple numbers listed on the site. The show premiers at 3:00 p.m. ET on Friday June 23rd, and lasts two hours.