Fast Reports ( has announced the imminent release of FastReport FMX for Mac OS X. It’s a reporting tool is aimed at cross-platform development in the FireMonkey environment. FireMonkey is the part of Delphi XE2 of company Embarcadero Technologies and today supports Mac OS X and Windows.

“When Embarcadero released the XE2 generation development tools with FireMonkey to support multi-platform projects based on a single source code IDE, users of Delphi and C++ Builder took it as an extension of the horizons in the field of their traditional and favorite tools,” says Vsevolod Leonov, product manager for Embarcadero Technologies. “After becoming acquainted with FireMonkey, which includes built-in component based access to MS SQL Server, InterBase, Firebird, etc. databases, they raised the question, ‘Does FastReport support multi-platform development?’ Now we can proudly say that thanks to an unprecedented high rate of FastReports and the excellent quality of their products, our programmers of applications for Win and Mac users can get the most out of the best technology of reporting.”

FastReport FMX is due this month. Contact Fast Reports for pricing options.