The Kagi Registration Module (KRM) Eliminates the Need for a Web Browser,
Simplifying the Buying Process and Increasing Impulse Purchases

MacWorld Booth 749, San Francisco, CA – Kagi, a leading provider of
end-to-end outsourced electronic commerce, technology, tools, and
solutions for software publishers and sellers of hard goods, has
introduced at MacWorld, a program which simplifies the procedure for
individuals to purchase and register software online. The program,
named Kagi Registration Module (KRM), eliminates the need to use a
Web browser in the purchasing process.

“Typically, if an individual is interested in purchasing a software
application, he or she downloads it and can try it for a limited
amount of time,” commented S. Kee Nethery III, President/CEO of Kagi.
“If they like it and decide to buy it, they then have to type a URL
into a browser, submit their purchase details, and then take the
resulting software registration code and insert it into the software.
Our new KRM program eliminates the hassle, making the buying process
quick and easy, by removing all the browser related activities and
reducing the buying process down to, decide to buy, submit purchase
details in the program, and everything else is handled automatically.”

With KRM, customers pay for and register the software without ever
leaving the desired application itself. By eliminating the need of a
Web browser, the new program reduces the number of steps necessary to
make the purchase, thus increasing impulse buying. Additionally, the
new program eliminates customer frustration stemming from lost emails
and confusion about how to enter registration codes into the software
– issues that often result in the need for customer support and the
costs of providing that support.

“KRM gives my customers instant gratification when they purchase my
product, it ends worries about Kagi’s emails being blocked by
overactive spam filters, and reduces my tech support load by
eliminating the need for users to manually enter their registration
keys,” stated Rick Holzgrafe, of Semicolon Software.
The new program asks the customer for information needed to make the
purchase (name, email address, credit card number, etc.). That data
is sent securely to Kagi, where the purchase is authorized, the
registration code is calculated and then returned to the KRM. KRM
provides the registration code to the application and automatically
installs the code.

According to Ilja Iwas, of iwascoding.com, “Now roughly 50% of our
licenses are sold through it. One of its key benefits for us is the
reliability of the license code transmission. The number of customers
complaining about not receiving their license code via e-mail has
noticeably decreased.”

Currently, KRM is available in: Cocoa for Java and Objective-C
applications, and Carbon and Cocoa for Mach-O and CFM applications;
REALBasic for Mach-O and CFM applications. Soon to be available are:
Windows for C, C++, Visual Basic, and Delphi. COM object and native
..NET support; Pure Java, using Swing for the GUI, for Mac, Windows,
and Unix/Linux; Runtime Revolution for Mac, Windows, and Unix
systems. Future releases will include code sets for Macromedia
Director, FileMaker, SuperCard, FutureBASIC, Palm, and Symbian.

About Kagi
Founded in 1994, Kagi, which means “key” in Japanese, is a leading
provider of patented end-to-end outsourced electronic commerce,
technology, tools, and solutions for software publishers and sellers
of hard goods. It provides a broad range of services including online
store development and deployment, store sales processing, delivery of
digital goods, integration to physical fulfillment providers, fraud
protection, and outsourced sales service.

Kagi markets to a large diversified base of small and mid-sized
clients. Its current customer base represents over 3000 active
suppliers worldwide, offering over 6000 active product titles. To
date, Kagi has handled over four million transactions and has
represented over 10,000 suppliers offering over 110,000 different
products. Approximately 50% of the company’s suppliers and
transactions are international.

Kagi is headquartered in Berkeley, California. For further
information regarding Kagi, visit its Web site at http://www.kagi.com
or call +1 (510) 658-5244, or Email: help@kagi.com