SleekSpeak has announced the SleekSpeak Speaker, a Bluetooth-enabled, portable speaker built for headphone-free bicycle riding. It attaches to the handlebars and wirelessly streams all audio from all iOS devices, cell phones and MP3 players.

The SleekSpeak is also designed as a solution for more audible GPS navigation, training apps, audiobooks, podcasts and hands-free calls while commuting to work or riding for pleasure. Additionally, the small, rubberized coated portable device is water resistant and can be hung from a tree in the park while picnicking, attached to a lounge chair at the pool, working at a desk, or commuting by foot.

With a 12-hour power-life per charge, the SleekSpeak has an audio output of 80dB. Due in July, it will be available in a variety of great color combinations such as pink and green, blue and white, red and black, and more.

SleekSpeak is currently a KickStarter project developed by a David Meisenholder, founder of StickyLAB product development studio. It can be purchased as limited editions for US$69 and a SleekSpeak color combination of your choice for US$79 at, the SleekSpeak with retail for $100. You can place a pre-order at .