Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps.

DEVONtechnologies ( has pushed all editions of its document and information manager DEVONthink and its smart note-taking app DEVONnote to version 2.3.4 with interface enhancements and bug fixes.

Stairways Software has announced Keyboard Maestro 5.2 (, adding a plethora of File actions, new filters, new tokens, new functions and other improvements. Keyboard Maestro enhances the application switcher and window switcher, and includes the application launcher first featured in Switcher Maestro.

Cortado (, which specializes cloud desktop services, has released its HTML5 version for Cortado Workplace. The new version adds a client for Macs, PCs, and notebooks to its series of native apps for iPhones, iPads, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Launched by MaKleSoft ( for iOS, Mac, Windows, Blackberry, Chrome and webOS, SecuStore 1.6.6 allows users to securely store, manage and sync sensitive data, from passwords and credit card details to websites and license keys. Custom templates can be created to store data using user created fields. Version 1.6.6 is a maintenance release.

Excel Software ( has rolled out QLRT Xcode 1.1 for Xcode developers. QLRT Xcode is a static library implementation of the QuickLicense runtime software for protection, activation and license management.

Troi Automatisering ( has served up Troi Grabber Plug-in 2.3 for FileMaker Pro 12. The plug-in for FileMaker Pro 12 adds easy install functionality.