BaKno Games has announced Charts, its new charting tool for Mac OS X. It offers eight types of charts including the usual bars and pies, most of them accepting multidimensional data.

All charts are rendered as a 3D scene in which many parameters be customized, such as the background color, light color and intensity, optional shadows or reflections, data titles and additional text. The actual chart’s objects can be rendered using seven different materials: plastic, wood, glass, metal, stone, leather or fabric. Each material can be configured as well, either for all objects or independently by object. When an animated movie is needed, there are four different camera animations that can be combined into a total of 11 different animations.

Exported images or movies can be used into documents such as Keynote or PowerPoint presentations and websites. Movies are exported as loopable, which means that they can play indefinitely with no visible jumps.

Charts is available as as free-to-try download from baKno Games website ( Single seat licenses can be purchased for US$9.95, and a promotional two-seat license is available for $14.95 or a five-seat license for $29.95.