And you thought they were going to settle this peacefully? Despite reports ( that Apple and Samsung execs and lawyers were going to sit down and hash out their legal differences, the latter has filed a counterclaim against Apple in a California lawsuit, reports “FOSS Patents” (

Two of those patents are FRAND-pledged patents that Samsung declared essential to ETSI standards, the article adds. Five of the patents (including the two FRAND patents) were originally applied for by Samsung, while three others were acquired (one from Hitachi, one from a group of three inventors). Also, Samsung’s complaint states for two of the patents that Apple was shown “detailed explanation[s]” of infringement (presumably that means claim charts) in October 2010. One of those two patents was previously asserted against Apple but then withdrawn from the first California litigation between these companies, notes “FOSS Patents.”

The accusations by Samsung were officially filed in the Northern District California this week. This was a response to a complaint filed by Apple in February. Apple’s original complaint accused Samsung of violating eight patents, and named 17 specific Samsung products that the company felt were infringing upon its own inventions.