ClickFox, a firm that analyzes behavior for more than 400 million consumer accounts, has announced the company’s findings from its brand loyalty survey. April is customer loyalty month, and ClickFox’s survey results shed light on what companies and industries consumers are most loyal to, as well as key drivers of brand loyalty.

Twenty percent of respondents singled out Apple as the brand they can’t live without, with Coca-Cola, Google and Amazon also topping the list. Additionally, consumers indicated that they are most loyal to food and beverage companies (58%) and technology and gadget providers (51%). Conversely, respondents are least loyal to health and fitness companies (44%) and wireless providers (43%).

Quality and service drive loyalty, says Clickfox CEO Marco Pacelli, Consumers are presented with multiple choices daily when making purchases, deciding between name brands versus generic or reputation versus price. Pacelli says one theme resonated throughout the survey results: quality and customer service are most important to gaining and retaining customer loyalty.

About the survey

Between March 7 and March 19, 427 consumers participated in a 10-question survey to share insights into the companies they are most loyal to and what drives their behavior. You can download the full survey at .