In a note to clients — as reported by “Macworld UK” ( — TG Industry Investment Research analyst Joseph Fersedi says Apple may indeed build its own HDTV — the rumored “iTV” — unlikely to have any impact because Apple will make it too expensive.

He thinks Apple will go after the high-end segment of the TV market, but that’s a small market. “While it makes sense to think that Apple will go high-end in the TV business (as it has in computers, phones and tablets), our analysis suggests that Apple may need to go more mass market within a couple of years of launching a premium-priced TV product,” Fersedi wrote.

ITG asked consumers in the U.S. whether they were interested in buying an iTV. Thirty-four percent of respondents with a household income greater than US$50,000 a year that said they were likely to buy a TV set in the next 12 months said they’d buy an iTV based on Apple’s brand alone. However, among lower-income families, 44 % said they’d be interested in an Apple HDTV if they could afford it.