Dentsu Innovation Institute ( recently conducted a survey in both Japan and the US, focusing on how users who own digital devices such as tablets and smartphones use multiple devices. The survey found:

° Fifty-one percent of people in Japan consider a tablet to be “closer to a PC.” In the US, meanwhile, 57% consider it to be “closer to a smartphone.”
° In the US, the tablet is used numerous times daily for media content. In Japan however, excluding social media (26%) and video sharing services (21%) there is not much daily usage by tablet owners. A particularly big difference can be seen for e-book usage: 35% for the US, and 6% for Japan.

° Thirty-six percent of US tablet owners use their tablet devices to post comments about TV programs on social media. This is greater than people who post comments using smartphones (24%). In the US, it can be said that tablet devices are starting to be used as a link between TVs and social media.

° When looking into whether people read e-books by device owner attributes, the percentage of people who responded that they “read e-books” was the greatest for those who own both a tablet and a smartphone in both Japan and the US. In particular, among people who own a tablet device in the US, 70% to 80% read e-books, clearly indicating that this has become an established common practice.

° In the US, the expectation that “I think the use of tablets will become mainstream in society in the future” (38%) is higher compared with Japan (18%).