Sporty’s Pilot Shop has introduced what it says is the first completely wire-free weather receiver for the iPad — and it requires no monthly subscription.

Stratus combines an ADS-B and GPS receiver into a single unit that wirelessly streams NEXRAD radar, text weather, TFRs and aircraft position to the ForeFlight Mobile app for iOS devices. The portable design includes an internal eight-hour battery, a high-gain internal antenna, and a Wi-Fi connection to the iPad, so Stratus can be placed on the glare shield and out of the way, says Sporty Vice President John Zimmerman It is easy to move from airplane to airplane, making it ideal for renters, flying clubs and corporate flight departments, he adds.

Stratus wirelessly streams the full suite of available weather products: NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, PIREPs, TFRs, and winds aloft. It also includes a built-in WAAS GPS receiver that provides position information to ForeFlight Mobile’s moving map, which includes VFR sectional and IFR enroute charts.

The WiFi connection allows multiple iPads to connect to Stratus, making it possible for two-pilot crews to view weather on separate iPads. Stratus [7281A] is available for US$799 and comes with a wall plug and charging cable. Stratus may be ordered at .