24U Software has released 24U Appearance OSAX 4.0 (http://www.24usoftware.com/) for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. Due to removed support for old technologies, such as Carbon and PowerPC, it’s been rewritten from scratch to use the most current Mac OS X technologies. and run natively on 64-bit architecture.

24U Appearance OSAX is an AppleScript scripting addition for adding advanced user interaction to any AppleScript script. It extends the AppleScript functions by adding commands to post notifications, display enhanced Appearance alerts, floating message windows, floating progress indicators, and dialogs.

24U Appearance OSAX 4.0 is immediately available as a free 14-day trial. A permanent license for one user starts at US$39; users of the previous version can upgrade for $29. Volume discounts are available for five or more users.