Cafe4tune (, a new social network that allows individuals and organizations worldwide to interact in virtual, 2D and 3D web environments, launches today in beta with companion iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

Since Cafe4tune was first introduced in 2011, more than 20,000 new members in 35 countries — at an average rate of 500 new members per day — have registered for the Cafe4tune social network. A video demonstration of Cafe4tune is available at Cafe4tune is a free service, and a Premium content version will be available by subscription at a later date.

“With the integrated tools available on Cafe4tune — specifically the interaction between video, audio and text — each and every consumer and business user can improve their level of engagement with the world around them,” says Co-founder and CEO Artases Oikonomidis. “As the site expands, our goal is to give visitors the ability to find almost everything that would interest them available in 3D, interactive environment.”