Bartels Media has introduced ShareMouse for Mac OS X and Windows, their new software that allows users to control any combination of up to 26 Macs and PCs from a single keyboard and mouse.

Any computer on the network can control all the rest from its own keyboard. Reaching the edge of one screen, the cursor appears on the screen of the computer beside it.

ShareMouse allows users to drag and drop files from one computer to another, even between Macs and PCs. The app features a progress bar and speedometer for larger file transmissions, as well as a Cancel button to end file transmission at any time.

ShareMouse can share the clipboard between multiple computers, employing clipboard synchronization that supports text, bitmaps, files, and folders containing multiple files. The contents of a clipboard can be sent to a specific computer to avoid accidentally overwriting any computer’s clipboard. Clipboard sharing works independently from Windows network file share.

Vertical and horizontal mouse wheel and touchpad scrolling are supported in ShareMouse, allowing desktops to run laptops or the reverse. ShareMouse can be downloaded from http://www.keyboard-and-mouse- and is free for non-power users with two computers. Professional User licenses cost US$24.95 per computer and are available directly from Bartels Media.