Notepage Creates Social Bookmark Chicklets

Notepage, Inc. has just developed a social bookmarking tool that will help
web designers create bookmarking chicklets with ease. This tool allows
users to enter the title, description and URL of their website and it
creates bookmark chicklets that can be inserted into their website.

Social bookmarking has quickly become a popular way for frequent internet
users to share their favorite websites with the public. Having a website
added to a bookmark directory can increase traffic significantly. Bookmark
chicklets are a newer creation that help remind those viewing a website to
add it to the social bookmarking directories. It makes the bookmarking
process easier for those who have found a website that is a good source of
information or services. Another advantage of the tool is that the website
description that goes into the bookmark is written into the script,
allowing creators of the chicklet to choose how their website will be
described in the directory.

The tool is easy to use for even novice web designers. It can also be used
to add chicklets to blogs. Creating the chicklets is instantaneous when
using this tool. It is a free service available to anyone. For more
information or to use the tool visit

About NotePage, Inc.

NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in
communication software solutions. In addition to FeedForAll Mac they market
(1) FeedForAll, a windows desktop RSS feed and podcast editing tool (2)
FeedForAll Mac, a Mac desktop RSS feed and podcast creation tool (3)
rss2html.php a script for converting RSS feeds to html web pages. (4) RSS
Scripts Direction, a subscription based RSS scripts directory that provides
PHP scripts for feed management and manipulation (5) PageGate, a network
paging and SMS gateway that allows for text or SMS messages to be sent via
a number of interfaces, and (6) NotePager Pro, a desktop application that
sends messages to pagers, cellular phones, and PIMs.