Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Mobivention has announced Ludo for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The app comes with features such as support for different numbers of players, variable rules of play, sound effects and animations. A player must first throw a six to be able to move a piece onto the starting square. In each subsequent turn the player moves a piece forward one to six squares as indicated by the die. Ludo is free; however, there are in-app options for adding new features.

Elka Palka Production has released Elfishki and The Unwelcome Guest 1.0, an interactive fairy tale for the iPad. This $2.99 digital storybook offers interactive illustrations, original music, and professional voiceovers in both English and Russian.

Aenji has introduced Zombungee for iOS. It’s a $0.99 zombie fighting game with 50 achievements, Game Center support and more.

Handmade Games has unveiled Feed ’em Up: Buffet 1.0, the free version of their puzzler for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The game has the setting of a pet restaurant, where the player has the task of matching the pets to their favorite food.

Kuyi Mobile has launched Streetfood Tycoon, a free time management game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the app you sell a variety of the world’s most popular street food, from french fries to fish balls, and work your way towards becoming the next Streetfood Tycoon.

DS Apps has premiered MyGuardianAngel 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 app gives a person the ability to call 911 with the push of one button while simultaneously sending a message to each emergency contact stating that 911 was just called along with the location of the event.

Hoiio Pte. has debuted Hoiio Live for iOS. The free app “brings your phonebook to life, so that outdated and incomplete contacts would be a thing of the past.”

Eefflab has presented Link Mon Pro for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This $0.99 puzzle game lets you remove, or “link,” monster-themed tiles by tapping like pairs. It’s a timed game, and if players are fast enough, they earn bonuses along the way.

Wisecall has given us Memo Gea 1.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This $1.99 app lets users record every detail of every meeting, lecture, or any important event or idea. Users can make audio recordings, add text and photos, and even share their memos via email.

Fun To Learn Apps has created Create My Own Flash Cards 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This $0.99 app offers users a way to coax those first words out of their baby, or start their school agers on the path to learning a new language. Parents can create custom flash cards, for any object that can be photographed, in three steps.

iStoryTime, in partnership with HarperCollins Children’s Books, has published Biscuit’s Birthday storybook app, the fifth addition in the Biscuit series. The $2.99 app is designed to encourage early readers to read as it features interactive animations and sound effects on every page.

Featuring illustrated animation from award-winning artist Kim Neale, Ten Giggly Gorillas is a new, $3.99 interactive book for the iPad. Optional voice-over narration allows the story to be read aloud in a soothing and distinctive style and more.

Pavlo Aksonov has kicked off Goal! 1.0, his new sports-based app for iOS devices. The $0.99 app allows you to watch thousands soccer highlights on your device.

AstroPlasm 1.0 is a new, $4.99 iOS game that offers an air hockey style challenge set in an alternate dimension. Taking to the table from a 3D first person perspective, gamers must use the iPad touch screen to hold their virtual paddle and serve, hit and defend the puck across the table.