Jaksta Technologies and Applian Technologies have released two new specialized products to convert video and audio files on the Mac: Jaksta Video Converter and Jaksta Music Converter.
Jaksta Video Converter for Mac is designed for transferring high quality video files (especially Torrent downloads and HD Camcorder AVCHD files) to devices like the iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. It analyzes each file and only converts what is necessary for playing on the target device. 
For music files, Jaksta Music Converter’s interface converts entire albums or music libraries to popular audio file types playable on the iPad, iPod or iPhone. It defaults to conversion at 320K AAC. Additional preset functions allow you to set up personal preferences for converting FLAC or WMA files, albums and libraries into popular formats.

For more details on Jaksta Video Converter and Jaksta Music Converter, go to www.jaksta.com.  Jaksta Video Converter and Jaksta Music Converter are each available for US$19.95, or customers can purchase both converters in Jaksta Deluxe for Mac for $59.95. All products require Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”) or later.