GroupLogic has introduced activEcho, an enterprise file sharing and file syncing solution designed for the security, control and deployment options required by enterprise IT.

ActivEcho is the industry’s only Enterprise File Sharing solution that balances the need for simplicity for the end user, and the security, management and flexibility required by the enterprise, according to GroupLogic CEO Chris Broderick. Both individuals and teams can share and sync files securely with one another and access those assets on multiple devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Features of activEcho include:

° Integration with Active Directory for ensured security and user permissions;

° Support of multiple deployment options including on-premise;

° Configuration of user blacklists and whitelists to ensure file and sharing access follows enterprise security and compliance requirements;

° Install and rapid deployment on multiple platforms;

° An end-user experience that purportedly requires minimal training;

° Encryption of data at rest with AES-128 and AES-256;

° HTTPS encryption of data in motion for the secure access and sharing of files residing on multiple devices;

° Full logging, tracking and history of file activities for auditing and compliance;

° Instant notifications and alerts for improved collaboration.

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