Apple will hold a special media event today at 10 am (Pacific). I (and the rest of the world) will be shocked if Apple doesn’t introduce the iPad 3 (or will it be called the iPad HD?). I’m also expecting a new Apple TV (an update of the set-box box, not the rumored “iTV”).

So what can we can expect from the iPad 3? Almost certainly a QXGA (1536 x 2048 pixel) display that exceeds the resolution of 1080p content. I’m also predicting a quad-core CPU with graphics performance exponentially faster than that of the iPad 2. Also good for better built-in cameras and support for Siri, Apple’s voice-activated “the intelligent personal assistant” that debuted with the iPhone 4S.

I’m less sure whether the iPad 3 will offer support for 4G LTE connectivity; however, I’m going out on a limb and saying “yes, it will.” I’m pretty sure Apple has 4G LTE lined up for iPhone 5 later this year; I think the company’s tablet will get it now.

What I’m certain the iPad 3 won’t have is support for NFC (near-field communication), a built-in projector or a 3D interface.

I expect the iPad 3 to remain the same size of the current model; I can’t imagine Apple releasing a slightly thicker model, and I can’t imagine the iPad 3 will be slimmer than the iPad 2 with all the extra goodies it will pack. I also expect the next gen iPad will offer the same amount of battery life.

If the iPad 3 does boast a resolution exceeding 1080p content, this poses a conundrum. Apple only offers a maximum of 720p HD content on their iTunes Store and the current Apple TV maxes out at that resolution.

Which is why I expect a new Apple TV with 1080p support. Along those lines, look for 1080p iTunes Store offerings.