NimbleHost has announced the initial public release of Armadillo, a custom-built content management system designed specifically for RapidWeaver, a web page design too.

Armadillo brings online content creation and management to Realmac Software’s web design application, and enables RapidWeaver users to remotely create new blog posts or pages for their website from any web browser, anywhere in the world. As the popularity of RapidWeaver has grown, so too has the demand for a robust content management system that would allow users to create and edit their content online, without requiring the program itself to make and upload those changes, according to Jonathan Head, NimbleHost’s lead developer and CEO.

Armadillo’s interface makes it easy to remotely manage your website, whether that be to upload media files, create new blog posts, add more pages, register additional users, or perform online backups of your content, he adds. In addition to being a full-featured blogging platform, complete with comments and RSS, Armadillo also provides details like a built-in lightbox. Novice users will also enjoy the drag and drop ease of Armadillo’s powerful content editor, while experienced users will appreciate advanced functions like the ability to directly edit the source code of their content and add custom styles, says Head.

Armadillo 1.0 is currently available for US$29.97 from the NimbleHost RapidWeaver website (