Despite the price tag and debate surrounding this iPad, the latest research conducted by iYogi Insight — based on a survey of 2,000 customers — found that 33% parents are willing to buy or have already bought their children iPads. The study also shows that parents are willing to let kids spend an average of US$14 a month and at least two hours on the device every day. 
However, there is still a reluctant majority of 67% parents who aren’t willing to buy an iPad for their children. Of these, 67.2% would rather buy them a computer/laptop/netbook and 26.5% are ready to buy a Kindle. A significant 34% of the unconvinced are concerned that owning iPad will keep their children from making more friends, and 50% believe that their kids are better off playing outdoors.  

However, iYogi says that Apple’s strategy of entering the home via school and through making learning fun is likely to pay dividends as:

° 92% of the parents who are all for the iPad approve of its use as a homework tool;

° 88% of them say their kids are doing well at school;

° 57% of these parents with two children or more said they would be happy to use the iPad to keep their kids out of their hair.

Also, parents willing to buy their kids an iPad also said that they were willing to let kids spend an average of $14 a month for subscriptions and downloads. This amount could increase significantly if the iBooks textbook application gains popularity, says iYogi. To read the detailed report go to .