Dejal ( has updated Dejal Caboodle — a Mac OS X application for collecting text, images, and other content — to version 1.3.6. The upgrade offers performance tweaks for Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

To improve performance and reduce disk space, imported PDFs, files dragged to the Dock icon, or via the Save PDF to Caboodle print option are now copied to an Attachments folder within the Caboodle data folder, and aliased to the entries.

Caboodle is a tool to help store and organize such varied bits of information. You can arrange the items in an outline-like hierarchy, and include both structured fields and free-form text and pictures in each entry, along with web links, lists, tables, PDFs, and any other kind of file as attachments. When you create a new entry within an existing one, the custom fields are inherited, allowing quickly creating content in an organized fashion. But you can also add or remove custom fields independently for each entry.

Three license levels are available for Caboodle: “Individual,” for a single user, priced at US$14.95; “Household,” for all people in a household, at $19.95; and “Site,” for any number of users in your organization, priced at $99.95. Version 1.3.6 is a free update for licensed Cabood